An Aspiring Designer.

We live in a world in which people tend to judge students by their test marks. In that case, I am just an ‘Average Student’. But moving beyond Academics, I am a Tech-Geek, Photographer and an “Ideator“.


Why Design?

I believe that Design is the art of creating a meaningful relationship between people and the products that they use.

My interest in design has been developed by the everyday things which upset me as a User. For example, The Microwave keypad with over 9 unnecessary buttons or the strenuous efforts put in to find the settings in a mobile application.

Using Creativity to its full potential with a tad bit of ‘Jugaad‘ to solve Real-world Problems is what I would love to do. My goal is to equip myself with the right set of tools, techniques and research strategies which would help me solve these problems. I wish to bring about a positive change in the world and make people’s lives better through design.

This blog is an attempt to showcase my Passion and express my Areas of Interest.



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